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A technologically empowered, intelligent healthcare ecosystem built for the future.
What is Medinin?
Medinin is an advanced, secure and intelligent end-to-end solution for doctors & clinics, which creates a unified healthcare ecosystem, leading to a smart and delightful experience for your users and patients. Checkout our products section for more info.
Technologically Empowered
Built on a secured architecture using modern technology, additionally enabled with AI for superior performance.
Advanced Patient Tracking
Highly secured patient data tracking and recording, using advanced tech like Aadhar, Face identification, barcodes, etc.
Hyperconnected Ecosystem
A superior network of high worth devices and seamless connectivity that enables rapid completion of complex tasks efficiently.
Easy User Interface
A user-centric product, built on thorough, extended research and testing, resulting in a user experience that is effortless and obvious at each step.
AI Technology
Advanced AI technology, which aid users in rapidly performing complex tasks, also efficiently analysing reports and data.
Decentralized Network
Highly secured system architecture with decentralised database storage, efficiently connecting multiple healthcare units under a single entity.
What is Medinin?
why you need it. Watch the full video
Easy To Integrate
A plug-in styled product, easily integratable with any existing software if needed and easily scalable as per the hospital's growing capacity.
Patient Education
High definition built-in 3D models, accessible with a single tap by the doctors to educate their patients regarding various bodily conditions and procedures.
Flexible Hardware
A multi-platform solution adaptable across a range of devices with an easy plug-in option for any existing hardware.
Total compliance with all existing HIPAA and GDPR regulations by a third party.
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